I always look forward to catching up with Gina. Gina has excellent interpersonal skills and really takes the time to get to know you on a personal level, making it incredibly easy to be open and honest with her. I felt safe and comfortable to discuss topics ranging from work like to home life and truly felt ‘heard’ during my sessions. Gina is very good at carefully listening to the ‘noise in your head’ and articulating the situation back to you concisely so that you are able identify the crux and make better sense of a challenging situation.

Since coaching with Gina, I have learnt to turn thoughts and conversations on their head and look at situations or problems with a different perspective. I feel more inspired and thoughtful and have noticed my attitude towards myself and my career has very much changed – to the point where I now have a new job! Gina has set me off on a new path of self worth, something that my colleagues and family have also recognised about me since completing coaching. I now consciously make choices that benefit myself and not just the others around me.

Ultimately, the sessions have given me the confidence to recognise my capabilities and believe in my talent which is the most important thing I will take away from my time with Gina.


  Gina was recommended to me by a mutual colleague of ours. It was my first time experiencing coaching.

Gina is professional, yet warm. From the beginning she managed expectations by explaining the difference between coaching and mentoring, what she expects from me and vice versa. Honestly, Gina met me as an extremely downtrodden lady, disenchanted with the NHS, and somehow, after 4 sessions, is having conversations with a more confident, self-assured lady who is ready to take her skills and ambition wherever she pleases. Gina provided me tools to coach myself also. If one pays attention to her style of communication and coaching, you will learn to troubleshoot better, ask yourself certain questions, and even react better in frustrating circumstances. Gina was worth the money.

Coaching with Gina is valuable – no she has not paid me to say this! She has a breath of nursing experience yet can still emphasise with the Band 5 Nurse. I’ll be back Gina. I just hope that you’ll have space in your diary to fit me in when I return!


  The first time I met Gina, her warm personality made me feel safe to share my thoughts. Gina is a skilled listener who, through careful and creative reflections, helped me to recognise and refocus on my strengths. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Gina and would highly recommend her. She seemed to ask all the right questions to get me to think about what the right solutions were for me.


   I was unsure what to expect from this session but Gina certainly exceeded my expectations. The session enabled me to work alongside Gina and my nursing colleagues from all different fields to discuss and tackle problems with a problem-solving approach. Through this, we were able to share feedback and create fresh ideas to bring back to our teams. 

The session enhanced not only my confidence but helped me in the development of my skill base. Gina also provided invaluable insight into how to manage and assure positive and constructive interactions with colleagues.

When discussing difficult or challenging situations, Gina validated my feelings. She created an open space to talk as well as providing reassurance and support.  She created a positive and safe environment which never made me feel my abilities were being questioned or that I had done anything wrong.

Gina’s guidance was generous and sincere. She showed a genuine interest in my development and empowered me and motivated me to foster my growth. She shared her knowledge and experience which brought me invaluable insight and understanding as well and honing and sharpening my thinking. I left the session a much more confident nurse. I went on to have a successful job interview which I was extremely nervous about due to past experience which I discussed during the session. I really cannot thank Gina enough for her kindness and support. As well as verbal support during the session, Gina provided a brief written debrief/feedback following what was discussed, this included further resources including books and Gibb’s Reflective Cycle.  Gina provided unconditional understanding and a safe space free from any judgment. I would highly recommend every nurse (newly qualified or experienced) to do this course.


  The trainer was very thorough. She explained everything clearly and ensured we understood. She also gave examples of various situations which helped explain things.


  Excellent training, well done I really enjoyed this training. Its the best MCA training I have completed since being in Bridgend. More courses from Gina, she makes it easier to understand.

Reflexology client

I arrive aching and stressed at Gina’s and leave calm and refreshed

Training on how children grieve for The loss project

Our training with you was fab, very informative and enjoyable.

Florence Nightingale Foundation co-consulting leadership session for nurses/managers

Thank you once again for a great session which I found very beneficial.


Good use of case study and humour. Well timed and lots of content covered in a short space of time. Useful to have the quiz questions at the end to reaffirm learning.


  Really helpful and informative training course.


  I have found the course knowledgeable, Gina has made it a pleasure to learn.


  Very informative and easy to follow and understand.

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