When you look back, you don’t realise there are certain behaviourisms that were long before you realised..

When I was twelve, I decided that what I needed was a goat as a pet. Mum and dad (who had cerebral palsy and fell frequently) quite rightly refused a dog so I asked “could I have a goat then?”. 

For those who ever watched “The Good Life” back in the mid 1970’s there was an episode of “Tom and Barbara” walking their goat as per of their alternative lifestyle, which struck me as an idea instead of a dog.

Well, they apparently agreed but only on the basis that I wrote to the local council, the neighbours, the local businesses, and community as we lived on a council house in west London. Also, I had to explore the whole shebang about looking after a goat, fund the purchase myself as well as housing and support ongoing costs.

So I did! Much to the amusement and horror of my parents. I wrote letters, walked around knocking on doors and I saved up my weekly pocket money of a pound for 20 weeks. I embraced the challenge to such an extent my poor parents could not disagree!

Honey, a fully grown Toggenburg goat joined our family and lived in our back garden for 9 years even managed to have twins (after a holiday in a goat farm..). Thus since I have had a long standing love of goats and dream of the day where I am re-joined again but this time with a couple of pygmy goats!